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The perfect jewelry for you.

Goldcraft of Denver believes jewelry should be as unique as the person wearing it. That's why we bring you customized jewelry at wholesale prices.

Goldcraft specializes in creating engagement rings and other heirloom pieces that celebrate life s milestones. But Goldcraft can also create necklaces and pendants, rings and bracelets, and earrings and brooches.

From casual to formal, romantic to spiritual if you can dream it, Goldcraft can create it.

Goldcraft was founded by Lewis Cohen, who has lived, worked and traveled in the great international cities that bring diamonds to the world: Johannesburg, South Africa Tel Aviv, Israel and Antwerp, Belgium. He has lived in the Denver, Colorado for 30 years, where he founded Goldcraft in 1979.

Goldcraft of Denver - putting the value into valuable.

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